About Me

Hi!! my name is April and welcome to my blog and review site.

I am a 36 years old i live with my long term partner of 5 years and our 5 kids which are 7,3,2,2,10 weeks .

so we have our hand full a lot of the time but thought i could spend some of my time with you to talk and help families who are looking for a healthier life and more free time with your family. Well this is the right place.

We have been thought a tough 4 years but the good news is we have come out on a much better side and over the next few months i’m going to share with you how we got there as i think a lot of people in this world need to change the way they view life for this world to change and that can only start with us and what we do because one day we will be gone and our kids will be left to pick up the pieces.

And that’s no future.